CMS People - St Paul Archdiocese Catholic Services Appeal Instructions

Parishes using the Church Management Systems (CMS) for Windows software can send data to be used for the Catholic Services Appeal via the Internet using the CMS FTP Update.

The Catholic Services Appeal (formerly Annual Catholic Appeal) system uses a unique 4 digit number for each household. If a family moves from, or is no longer active in the parish, that number cannot be re-assigned to a new family.

The CMS for Windows software contains all the data needed by the Catholic Services Appeal system except that a unique 4 digit appeal number must be assigned to each family. The first year CMS is used to create a disk for the Catholic Appeal, the 4 digit appeal number must be entered for each family. In following years, a 4 digit appeal number must be assigned only to new families joining the parish.

The following procedures to prepare and send your data via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) are relatively simple, and if all parishes using CMS for Windows follow this procedure, it will minimize the amount of work at the parish and Archdiocese level.

Preparing to Assign Appeal Numbers

The appeal number will be placed in the Household Custom Text 1 field. The first step is to rename this field to “AnnualAppeal”. Do this by going into CMS for Windows Membership system and from the menu bar choose Options | Custom Fields | Rename House Custom Fields. Rename the first Custom Text field to “AnnualAppeal”.

Then click the Close button.

Assign Appeal Numbers for the First Time

To enter the appeal numbers, choose People | Household/Persons from the menu bar. Then, choose the Custom tab and type 0001 in the AnnualAppeal field. (Since this is a text field, it is important to remember to left zero fill the field out to 4 digits so the appeal number sorts correctly.)

Next press the 4 button, or press the F12 key on your keyboard, to display the next family alphabetically. Type 0002 in the AnnualAppeal field. Repeat the above steps for each household that should be given an appeal number.


Assign Appeal Numbers for New Families in Subsequent Years

The appeal number is unique to each household and numbers from families that have left the parish cannot be used by new families in subsequent years. To easily create a list of families that do not have an AnnualAppeal number, print the Annual Appeal Report using the enclosed utility disk and following the instructions in the next section. Since that report is sorted in appeal number order, the households without an appeal number will be listed first. Next from the menu bar, choose People | Household/Persons and call up a family needing an appeal number. Choose the Custom tab and then enter a unique 4 digit appeal number in the AnnualAppeal field. Repeat the above steps for each family that needs an appeal number.

Create the Catholic Services Appeal Report and Transmit the File

From the CMS for Windows system, choose File | Update from the menu bar.

On the following window, select the FTP Update and type in CSA in the Source Folder field. Click OK.

CMS will attempt to run the Catholic Services Appeal utility. If you have a Dial up Internet Connection, connect prior to clicking Yes. If you have DSL/Broadband, just click OK.


Insert your church Appeal Number ID in the field provided (NOT your CMS Serial Number, but the Parish ID number that was assigned to you by the Archdiocese).


Press the Member Status button to select which Member Statuses to include. Families not marked to Remove that have a Member Status selected above, will be included in the report and diskette.


To print a list of families with the proper Catholic Services Appeal information, press the Print Report button.


Review report for families included that do not have an Catholic Services Appeal number assigned.  Cancel update and assign an Appeal number to those families and re-run the update.

To create a file containing the proper Catholic Services Appeal information, press the Send File button.

This will copy the file to a secure FTP site that the Archdiocese will be able to access.

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