CMS People - How to Hot Sync CMS Data with Smart Phone/PDA Device

PROBLEM:  You need to take the information that you've entered in CMS and bring it into Microsoft Outlook.  Perhaps you need to sync the data with your Pastor's Blackberry/Palm Pilot/PDA Device, or you may want this if you're giving the information to someone who doesn't use CMS on their computer.

SOLUTION:  You can absolutely take the information out of CMS and bring it into Outlook!

NOTE:  But did you know you can e-mail groups of people directly from your CMS?  That's right!  Anyone you can create a label for, you can send an e-mail to... using CMS and Outlook/Outlook Express!  Check out Emailing Groups of People in CMS.

From your CMS Membership System, click Process | Merge/Export File | click the New Report button on the right and give it a name, such as Data for Pastor's Palm Pilot and click OK.
At the Merge File Selection screen, click the down arrow at File Type and choose Palm - Outlook.

Click into the Member Status and Participation Status buttons and remove anyone you didn't want to bring over, i.e. Deceased, Transferred/Moved, etc. and click OK.

Click the Browse button located in the upper left corner of the display and enter the correct file name and location you would like to change the file location of the data.

If burning the data to a CD-R/CD-RW, click the Browse button and save the file to the Windows Desktop.  Then using your CD writing application to burn the file to a CD.
Once this is complete, you can give the disk or email the file to your Pastor/Member for importing into Outlook/Palm.
Here's how you can import that data into Outlook for a Palm sync...
From Outlook, click File | Import and Export | choose Import from another program or file and click Next.
Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next.
Click the Browse button and go to either A:\CMS2PALM.CSV or where ever you saved the data file from an email, i.e. My Documents and select the CMS2PALM.CSV file. Click Next
You'll want to choose where the information will be stored.  Since the information you're importing are names and addresses, you'll probably want to put them in Contacts.  Choose Contacts and click Next.

Click the Map Custom Fields button on the Import a File screen to ensure the fields of information go where you want them to! 


i.e. be sure that First Name goes in the First Name field, Last Name goes in the Last Name field.  They should line up correctly, but take a second to scan through to be sure.  If a field is not placed correctly, you can drag and drop the field from the left side of the screen (From the CSV file) to the right (into Contacts).  Click OK when complete.

Click Finish to complete the task.  Now all of the names and addresses in that CSV file will now appear as Contacts in Microsoft Outlook.  Follow the steps outlined with your PDA to sync to Outlook to import the information into your PDA.
Remember, this is something that you'll need to do periodically to keep the information updated, so you may want to hang onto these instructions.
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