CMS People - Remove Activity Codes From Members Without Removing the Activity Code.

PROBLEM:  You would like to remove the Activity Codes from your members, but you would like to retain the Activity codes.

SOLUTION: Make a backup of your data before beginning this process.

From your CMS Membership System, click Process | Remove Activities | Continue.

Click the Activities button and choose the Activities you wanted to clear out.  Click OK.

Click the Activity Status button.  If you want to remove the Activity Code from EVERYONE who has it, click the Add All button in the middle.

Remember, every Activity Code assigned has an Activity Status, it may just be that <BLANK> status code!!  Click OK.

Click the Remove button.

Now anyone who had that activity code/status no longer has that code!  But the Activity Code is still in the Activity Code table for you to re-use and assign new people!



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