CMS Contributions - How to Create an Importable EFT File?

If your bank or EFT service provider does not offer an importable file of transactions, you can create a file that can be imported for each week/months transactions.

Exit CMS and open Microsoft Excel.

On a new blank workbook, enter the 

  • Envelope number of the contributor in Column A
  • Dollar Amount Contributed by that Contributor in Column B
  • Fund Number for that Contribution in Column C

Repeat with the remaining EFT Contributors.

DO NOT ENTER A HEADER ROW.  A header row is the first row that indicates the contents of the column.  This will cause errors upon import, so do not enter a header row.

If you have a contributor that has given to more than one fund, repeat that Contributors Envelope Number in a separate row and enter the Dollar and Fund information on that separate row (see Envelope # 275 in the following example).

Once all of the EFT Contributors have been entered, click File | Save As.

Click the down arrow at Save In and double click the Local Disk C: drive | double click the CMS4WIN folder (if on a network, you will need to select the appropriate network drive letter).

Click the down arrow at Save As Type and choose CSV (Comma Delimited) *.CSV.  Enter the File Name of WeeklyEFT.CSV or MonthlyEFT.CSV | Click Save.

When you are ready to import the data into CMS, copy the WeeklyEFT.csv file to the \CMS4WIN folder (network users may need to change to another drive letter) using a file name standard of:

CMS + three character month + two digit date.TXT


For example, if you received the e-mail for contributions for the date September 30, you would use the file name of CMSSEP30.TXT. 

If you received the data for contributions for February 02, use the file name CMSFEB02.TXT.

You can now go to Step 3 of Importing Electronic Contributions and continue the steps to import your contributions!

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