CMS Contributions - Last Year's Prepayment is Missing, How Can I Recover?

PROBLEM:  You have a contributor prepaid their pledge last year, but you don't see the prepayment on this year's Pledge Reports or Contributor Statement.

SOLUTION: Click Find People.  Click the Go To Person button at the top of the Find screen and choose the Pledge Tab.  Now find the contributor with the missing prepayment.

The system will take you directly to that contributor's Pledge Tab.  Click the up arrow at Fund and choose the fund to which the contributor had the missing prepayment.

Take a look at the pledge beginning date.
If the Pledge Beginning Date was the year after the prepayment was given, click into the Pre Pay This Year field and type in the dollar amount of the prior year's contribution that was intended to be a prepayment.

In CMS, a prepayment is a contribution that was made in a year prior to that of the beginning date of the pledge.  The balance of the pledge will be reduced by that amount, however, that contribution is not calculated in their current year Total Contributions (they won't "double dip" as far as the IRS is concerned!!).

If the Pledge Beginning Date was the same year that the contribution was made, click into the History tab and add the amount of the missing contribution in the correct year.  If your Pledge Beginning Date was prior to your current contribution year, then you have a Multi Year Pledge.  The system will look at the contributor's history when calculating the balance of the pledge.  You can alter historical records as needed  (whereas current year contributions would need an "adjustment entry").

Once you've made those changes, you can click the Statement Button at the top of the screen to reprint this contributor's Statement.  You will get only one statement for the one person displayed!



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