CMS Contributions - How to export any report as a PDF file

PROBLEM: You'd like to export any report in CMS People Products and Fund Accounting as a PDF file that can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  PDF files can be opened by anyone with a PC or a MAC, the file size is nice and compact, and the files cannot be easily edited (great for financial statements!!).

SOLUTION: You can download a free PDF creator that functions as a  "printer driver" that will allow you to create Adobe Acrobat files from CMS.

Go to C|Net's and search for PDF995, and download the PDF995 Printer Driver.

Just click on this link and follow the instructions on the screen.  When it's complete, you'll have a new "printer driver" installed in your system.  Just set the PDF995 to your default printer.

Then when you print from CMS (or ANY application!), it will prompt you for a file name and location.  Give your file a name and click Save. 

When you use the PDF995, you will get an Ad, trying to sell you the full version.  Just click out of the ad and it will go away.






It will convert that report into an Adobe Acrobat file that can be read by anyone who has Adobe Acrobat Reader! 
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