CMS Contributions - Congregation Weekly Summary locks up when printing

PROBLEM:  When attempting to print the Congregation Weekly Summary, the report locks up and does not print.

SOLUTION:  From CMS for Windows, click File | Utilities | CMS Table Repair.

On the Table Repair Utility Screen, click Browse in the upper right corner. Find the table DETAIL.DB and click Open.

Jot down the Number of Records, located about half way down the left side of the screen. You'll need that number in a few seconds.

Click the Verify Button at the bottom of the screen. It will come back with either "Table and Header Verify Okay" or "Table Requires a Rebuild". Jot down this message and click OK.

Click the Rebuild Button at the bottom of the screen. When complete, it will come back with a Number of Records Successfully Recovered. That number should match the number you jotted down previously. Click OK | OK.

Repeat these steps with the following tables:


Once all of these tables are rebuilt, the Congregation Weekly Summary should print without problems!

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