CMS Contributions - End of Quarter Checklist

There are just a few steps to completing the End of Quarter in CMS.

  1. Calculate Pledge Balances/Set Statement Date
  2. Print Congregation Weekly Summary Report
  3. Print Pledge & Contribution Summary - All Contributors Report
  4. Print Statements (optional)
  5. Create a Backup
  6. Run the End of Quarter Process


1.  Click Process | Calculate Pledge Balances/Set Statement Date.  Enter the last day of the quarter and click Calculate.  This will set your reports and statements to the last day of the quarter.

2. Click Reports | Congregation Weekly Summary | Print to your printer.  This report will display totals of how much was contributed each week to each fund.

Go to the last page of the report and make note of the YTD Total To All Funds.

3.  Click Reports | Pledge & Contribution Summaries | All Contributors | Print to your printer.  This report will display how much each contributor has pledged and/or contributed so far this year.

Go to the last page of the report and compare the Total Contributions to All Funds to the YTD Total to All Funds on the Congregation Weekly Summary report you printed in Step #1.

These two numbers add up different things in CMS, but when printing the report for all people and all funds, they should always match!   

NOTE:  If your totals don't match, follow the steps in Contributor Statement - Detail doesn't add up to Totals to correct.

4.  You can now print Contributor Statement if desired.  Since you are able to print a Yearly Detail statement at the end of the year, statements at the end of the quarter are optional.

From CMS Contribution System menu, click Statements.  If you have not previously created Contributor Statements, click New Report on the right and give it the name Contributor Statements.  If you have a report named Contributor Statements listed, you can simply select that report.

You can follow the steps in How To Create Contributor Statements for complete instructions.

5. Make a backup of your system.  Click File | Backup and backup your system.  

6.  From the CMS Contribution System menu, click Process | End of Quarter | Continue | Process.

This process will advance your Quarter Beginning and Ending dates to the next quarter, and will reset your Quarter to Date totals for each contributor.


Once complete, your system is now in the next quarter and you can post batches within that quarter.

NOTE: You may post to a date from a prior quarter as needed.  The system will update the Year to Date totals, but will not update the Quarter to Date totals if outside the current quarter.

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