CMS Contributions - Set Membership Attendance

PROBLEM:  While the reports in the CMS Attendance System are quite meaningful, you'd like to create your own report from the Membership system that will refer back to the Attendance information entered.

SOLUTION:  The Set Membership Attendance process in the CMS Attendance System will help you extract the Date of Last Attendance and the Number of Attendances for all dates, or within a date range specified.  This information is inserted into the Membership System and will become available when reporting in the Membership System.

From CMS Attendance, click Process | Set Membership Attendance.

Click the Groups button and select the group you're interested in reporting, i.e. Worship Services.  You may only select one group at a time for this process. Click OK.

Enter the range of dates you'd like to process. 

  • If you enter a date range, the system will calculate the number of times of attendance within that date range and enter the date of last attendance.
  • If you leave the date range blank, the system will calculate the number of times of attendance and date of last attendance for each member based on all of the attendance entered for that group in the database.

Click Process.

NOTE:  This process can take a few minutes, please be patient.

Once complete, the Number of Times of Attendance and Date of Last Attendance fields on the Membership Person's Picture/Notes tab will be updated.  This information is now available for selection, sorting, and printing on List/Checklist, Labels, and Merge/Export files in the membership System.

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