CMS Fund Accounting - Password: Password Maintenance

You can use the CMS Password and Security to define who is allowed access to various items in the CMS System.

From CMS, click File | Passwords.

Click the New Password button on the right side of the screen to create the new password.


Click the down arrow at Passwords and select the password you would like to edit.


Determine the levels of access for the person(s) who will be assigned this password.  

For example, if you do not want the person(s) assigned this password to have any access to the Payroll System, set the Payroll Access to "No".

You can also choose to allow or not allow access to Backup, Restore, Utilities, Password, and Upgrades.

Normally, Restore, Utilities, Password and Upgrade Access are given to those people with higher levels of access.

You can also set the access to various items within each module.  Click the down arrow at Access to set the item access to either FULL, READ, or NONE.


Click the Advanced button at Ledger & Payables Access to set the various levels of access:

  • Accounts -View and/or Change existing Accounts
  • Acct Code Dimension - Change the definitions of Account Codes and assign number of digits per dimension
  • Beginning Balance - View, Change, Delete existing Beginning Balances
  • Bills - View, Change, Delete existing Bills
  • Budget - Enter, View, Change, Delete Budget Entry Data
  • Calculate Balance - Update balance information
  • Change Check Number - Change check number
  • Check Signature - Insert digital signature on checks (defaults to NONE)
  • Checks - View, Change, Void, Delete existing checks
  • Cont Transfer - Automatically transfer contributions into deposit
  • Credit Cards - View, Change, Delete existing credit card entries
  • Define Month & Year - Define Year and Month
  • Define Codes - Enter new Funds, Class, Program, Sub-Program,  Category, Annual Report, Terms, Vendor Types
  • Delete Account - Globally updating fields, codes, dates, etc.
  • Delete Transaction - Delete Bill, Deposit, Journal Entry, Beginning Balance Entry, Checks
  • Deposits - View and/or Change existing Deposits
  • End of Period - Run End of Month or End of Year processes
  • History Edit - Manually edit history
  • Journals - View and/or Change existing Journal Entries
  • Memorized - Enter, View, Change, Delete Memorized Transactions
  • New Account - Enter a New Account
  • New Transaction - Enter a New Bill, Deposit, Journal Entry, Beginning Balance, Check
  • Options - Edit System Options under Options menu
  • Pay Bills - Pay multiple bills at once using process
  • Reconcile - Enter, View, Change Bank Reconciliation 
  • Reports - Print Reports 
  • Shortcut Ranges - Enter, View, Change Shortcut Ranges
  • User Defined Reports - used only with Crystal Reports
  • Vendors - Enter, View, Change Vendors

Click the Advanced button at Payroll Access to set the various levels of access:

  • Calculate  - Calculate Payroll
  • Clear Check History - Delete checks from history
  • Clear Personal Time - Clear Personal time accrued
  • Custom Fields  - Enter, View, Change, Delete Custom Fields 
  • Deduction/Benefit Codes  -Enter, View, or Change  D/B Codes 
  • Deduction/Benefit Distribution  - Enter, View, Change, Delete D/B distribution 
  • Delete Check  - Delete unposted payroll check
  • Delete Deduction/Benefit  -Delete D/B code
  • Delete Employee  - Delete employee
  • Delete Job Category  - Delete Job Category Codes
  • Delete Pay Item  - Delete Pay Items
  • Delete Paygroup  - Delete Paygroup
  • Edit Checks  - Edit unposted payroll check
  • Employees  - Enter, View, or Change Employee Record
  • Employer  -Enter, View, or Change Employer Record
  • End of Period  - Process End of Year
  • Job Category  -View or Change Job Category
  • New Check  - Enter New Check
  • New Deduction/Benefit  - Enter New D/B
  • New Employee  - Enter New Employee
  • New Job Category  - Enter New Job Category
  • New Pay Item  - Enter New Pay Item
  • New Paygroup  - Enter New Paygroup
  • Options  - Edit System Options under Options Menu
  • Pay Items  -View or Change Pay Items
  • Paychecks  - View, Change, or Delete unposted Paychecks
  • Paygroups  - View or Change Paygroups
  • Post Payroll  - Process Post Payroll 
  • Prenote  - Process pre-notification file to bank for direct deposit
  • Reports  - Print Reports
  • Tax Tables  -View or Change Tax Tables
  • Timecards - Enter, View, Change or Delete Timecards
  • W-2s -  Process W-2 information

Click the Advanced button at Utilities Access to set the various levels of access:

  • Archive  - Make copy of CMS System at End of Year
  • Change Theme  - Change background graphics 
  • Data Integrity  - Process system files for error checking
  • File Editor - Edit internal data tables (recommend NONE access for casual user)
  • Import/Export  - Budget Import and Account Export for budgeting purpose
  • Recalculate Gross Amounts  -In Payroll, used to recalc paycheck amounts
  • Recalculate Year  - In Ledger, used to re-open prior closed months
  • Table Repair - To repair damaged tables


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