CMS Fund Accounting - Transfer from ParishSOFT Offering to CMS Ledger

1. Export File from ParishSOFT offering.

In ParishSOFT Offering, click on Reports, Export to CMS Fund Accounting. The following window will appear.

Enter a beginning date for exporting contribution data.

This is the export file that CMS will use to create transactions.

2. In CMS Finance and Payables, initiate the transfer.

Click on Process, Contribution Transfer, From ParishSOFT Offering.

The first time into the Transfer process, the system will look for the export file “CMSFundAccountingExport.txt” in the TSL folder in the default ParishSOFT data folder. If the file cannot be found, the system will ask you to browse your computer for the location of the file.

Next, an Enter CMS Shortcut window will appear.

All PS COAIDs must have a corresponding CMS Shortcut Number (account). The setup of this window will allow you to define for a given ParishSOFT COAID, what CMS account to update.

This window will also automatically appear in the future whenever a new ParishSOFT COAID is in the export file without a CMS Shortcut Number defined.

Next, based on the file that was exported, the following window will appear to create the transfer deposit(s).

Select the dates and total deposit you wish to transfer at this time. Transfers to a prior, closed month are not allowed. The system will also search for, and alert you to any possible duplicate deposits before the transfer occurs.

Click the Transfer button. A deposit for each date is created.

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