CMS Fund Accounting - How to Void a Check Damaged in The Printer?

PROBLEM: Your printer just ate a check you were attempting to print! You'd like to indicate somewhere in the system that this check was voided, but you don't know how to enter this one, as there's no bill attached to the digested check!

SOLUTION: Create a new bill, but use the Vendor "Checks - Damaged and/or Voided".


When you create the bill, use a shortcut number for Misc Expenses, or Office Supplies, or Bank Service Charges, etc. Since you're voiding the check, and not assigning a dollar amount to the check, it will not alter that expense account.

Leave the dollar amount at zero.

Enter in the Comments field the reason why you're voiding the check.

Click Assign Check Number on the right side of the Bills Entry Display and enter the Check number that was damaged.


Once the check number has been assigned, press the Enter key on your keyboard until the check number is no longer editable and turns underlined and blue.

With your mouse, click the blue, underlined check number to toggle from Bills into Checks.

From the Checks display, click the Void button on the right and follow the steps on screen to void this check number.

The system will ask if you would like to make a copy of the bill as a new bill to pay again, answer NO.

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