CMS Fund Accounting - How to Un-Void a Check?

PROBLEM:  I accidentally voided a check that wasn't supposed to be voided.  How can I un-void a check?

SOLUTION:  If the check was issued in your current or future fiscal month, click Entry | Checks - View, Void, Delete and click Find by Check Number and find that check.

Click the Delete button at the top of the display to delete the check. 

The system will remind you that the check has been voided and recommends that you also delete the associated Journal Entry.  Click Yes.

The system will reset the original bill as un-paid, make a note of that bill number.  Click Close.

Click Entry | Journal Entries | and find the Journal Entry that deleted the check.  Click the Delete button at the top of the display to delete that Journal Entry.  Click Close.

Click Enter Bills and find the bill number that was associated with the check and click the Pay Bill | Manual Check | and reassign the same check number and date as the original check.

If the check was issued in a prior fiscal month, click Enter Bills and create a new bill for the same vendor in the current fiscal month.  Click the Pay Bill button | Manual Check | and assign a check number lower than the original check by dropping the first digit of the check number.  For example, if the original check number was 6543, assign check number 543.

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