CMS Fund Accounting - How Can Combine Two Accounts?

PROBLEM: In going through your Chart of Accounts, you've found a couple accounts that are duplicates, or that you would like to combine.

SOLUTION: You can use the CMS Renumber Utility to combine two accounts together as one!

Make a backup of your data before you begin!

Double click the CMS Fund Accounting icon, but click Cancel at the Security display.

This will take you to a big, empty, gray screen with Paradox for Windows in the upper left corner.

Click File | Open | Form | and open RENUMBER.FDL.

Click the Assign Same as Current Shortcut button located at the bottom of the display. This will assign the same shortcut numbers to all of your accounts.

Answer Yes at the confirmation window.

Find the account you wanted to combine and give it the same shortcut number as the original account number (the one you want to keep) and when you click Process, the system will combine the information from both accounts into one.

In this example, we'll keep shortcut number 620 for Telephone and eliminate shortcut number 606 for Cell Phone Expenses.

Enter the new shortcut number 620 in the New Shortcut Number column next to Cell Phone Expense 606.

This will combine all account activity and history from 606 into 620 and remove 606 from the account list!

Click Process.  Click Yes at the confirmation display.

NOTE: You cannot combine two accounts that are not of the same type, i.e. Dedicated with Expense.

Remember, every account listed MUST have something in that New Shortcut column, even if it's the old number.

Once complete, close out of Paradox and go back into CMS Fund Accounting.


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