CMS Fund Accounting - Change Accounting Method to Cash Accounting

You can change your Accounting Method from Accrual to Cash only at the end of the fiscal year.  

Make sure you have a recent backup of your system before you begin this process.

You may only make the change at the End of a Fiscal Year, after the End of Year is run.

Do not enter bills/checks for new year. If entered, delete and re-enter bills to bank account after change.

Click the Change Accounting Method button.

Delete and re-enter memorized bills using bank account by clicking Entry | Memorized | Bills.  Highlight the bill and click Delete.

If you are beyond the first fiscal month of their year, we recommend you wait until the next fiscal year. 

The reason being to preserve the integrity of previously reported monthly information

A change to Cash method will cause a change in how financial information is calculated and so those reports will be different. 

Therefore, if you insists on changing beyond the first month of the fiscal year, we need a letter from your auditor acknowledging and approving the change. 

Then we can perform the change here so we can test and review reporting.  This conversion is billable at our standard hourly fee.

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