CMS Fund Accounting - Finance Data Integrity - A Journal Entry Does Not Exist For Journal Item XX-X

PROBLEM: When running the Finance Data Integrity utility at the End of Month/End of Year, you are getting an error message stating that "A Journal Entry does not exist for Journal Item..."

SOLUTION:  Write down the Journal Entry number(s) that the Finance Data Integrity lists as a problem.  Click OK at the following message.  You can follow these steps in lieu of calling CMS.


Make a backup of your system before beginning.  Do not skip this step, do not overwrite the backup until the problem is resolved.

Once that backup has been completed, click File | Utilities | CMS File Editor. 

Click OK at the warning message, as you do not need supervision from CMS is you are following these instructions and have completed your backup.

Click Select Table to Edit.


With your mouse, right-click the first number listed in the Entry Number column (not the column header "Entry Number" but the first actual number).  Left click the word Filter.

Enter the Entry Number from the error message on the Finance Data Integrity process, click OK.

You should be see only that Journal Entry number listed on the display.  You may see that number listed once or several times.  Click the Empty Table button at the top of the display.


That should empty out the display.  If you have another Journal Entry number that caused an error, repeat these steps to delete those Journal Entry references.

Click Close when complete.

Click File | Utilities | Finance Data Integrity | Process.

The Finance Data Integrity process should complete without errors, and you will receive a reminder to run the Calculate Balances process to update your accounts.

From CMS Ledger & Payables, click Process | Calculate Balances | Finish to complete this process.

Proceed with End of Month/Year process.

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