CMS System - How to Backup to the CMS Online/FTP Site

The CMS Online/FTP Backup Site is a service that is provided to our clients who have purchased an Annual Support contract.

You can request your site by emailing your name, church name, serial number and address to with the subject line Online/FTP Backup Site Requested.

We will email you when the site has been set up.

From your CMS System, click File | Backup. Click the dot next to Online or FTP Backup, then click the up arrow at File Name.


You’ll receive a message telling you to that we will now check your Backup History information. If you have DSL/Cable internet, just click OK.

If you have Dial Up internet, connect prior to clicking OK.

If you receive a message regarding a Windows Security Alert at PFW Runtime, please click the UNBLOCK button.

NOTE: If you receive a message a message from Norton AntiVirus believing the FTP site is a Trojan Horse, you can modify the Norton Settings by following their instructions by clicking here.

Alternate CMS4WIN1.ZIP, CMS4WIN2.ZIP, and CMS4WIN3.ZIP each time you make your backup, reusing the oldest of the three.

If this is your first time using the CMS FTP backup, start by using CMS4WIN1.ZIP, then the next time you backup, use CMS4WIN2.ZIP, then the next time you backup use CMS4WIN3.ZIP, then the next time you backup, re-use CMS4WIN1.ZIP, etc. etc. etc.

As you use your FTP Backup, we will track the date, time, file size and data version of the backup.

Remember that making an Online/FTP Backup may take a few minutes and should not be interrupted. Please be patient with the process!

The system will inform you when the backup has completed successfully.

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