CMS Networking and Installation - How to backup CMS to a CD-R/CD-RW

PROBLEM:  You want to use a CD-R/CD-RW for your CMS Backups and you're getting an error message Target Media is NON-Removable and can not be used for a Multi-Volume operation.

SOLUTION:  If you use Windows XP, Windows Vista, or higher:

From Fund Accounting or People Products, click File | Backup.

Click the dot at CD Backup (Windows XP Required), and click OK.

Once the backup has completed successfully, CMS will show you an information display letting you know to insert the CD before clicking Close and to click the You have files waiting to be written to the CD message in the lower right corner.  Insert your CD and click Close

Click the  message that appears in the lower right corner of the screen informing you that there are files ready to be written to the CD. If you do not see this balloon, you may have roxio or another CD wrting software installed, see if you do not use windows XP below for instructions on backing up with Roxio type software.

Click the Write these files to a CD link in the left column on the display. Click Next to begin to write the files.

Once complete, Windows XP will automatically eject your CD from the drive.

You can re-use this CD for each week's backup.  However, we do recommend alternating your backups each week!

SOLUTION:  If you DO NOT use Windows XP, Windows Vista, or higer:

Backing up to a CD from within CMS requires “packet-writing” CD software such as Roxio’s Direct CD, Sonic's DLA or Nero's InCD.  

“Packet-writing” or DLA (drive letter access) software allows you to drag-and-drop files from your hard drive to your CD or DVD recorder as easily as you would to a floppy disk. This means that you can copy files to the formatted CD like any other drive - for example, using drag and drop from within Windows Explorer.

A CD-R is a CD that can have information recorded on each track one time only. It can’t be erased and rewritten. A CD-R can be recorded on during multiple sessions until the CD-R is full, or the CD-R is “finalized”. The “finalize” process allows a CD-R to be read by a standard CD drive. 

A CD-RW is a CD that can have information recorded on it over and over any number of times, but a CD-RW can’t normally be read by a standard CD drive. 

To Backup to a CD, first format the CD using the Roxio, Sonic, or Nero's formatting option. Next, choose File | Backup | Simple Backup from within CMS and when asked for the Backup drive letter, enter the drive letter of the CD drive.

A CD-R has several advantages over a CD-RW in this application. A CD-R costs less than a CR-RW. It also formats much faster. A CD-R will slowly fill up as you backup onto it multiple times, but a church that currently backs up onto 4 diskettes should be able to backup onto a CD-R about 100 times before it fills up. 

However, you may also want to consider using a Jump Drive/Flash Drive and/or the CMS FTP Backup.

A Jump Drive, also known as a USB drive or flash drive, as a plug-and-play portable storage device that uses Flash Memory, and is small and lightweight enough to attach to a key chain.  

A Jump Drive can be used in place of a Floppy disk or CD, and will assign itself a drive letter when plugged into your system.  

You can make your backups directly to a Jump Drive, without having to format it as you would a CD-R/CD-RW disk, and is much more portable (and hardy!) than a CD!


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