CMS System - Errors when doing a Print Screen in CMS

PROBLEM:  When clicking the Print Screen button in CMS, I'm getting an error message that says PERFECTPRINT ASSERTION - File P:\Service\pfps\Include\pfps.h Line 2220 Expression pIprinter (Retry will break into an active Debugger) Abort Retry Fail

SOLUTION:  The Perfect Print component has not yet been registered on your computer.  Exit CMS and run the C:\Program Files\Corel\Paradox Runtime\PFREG.EXE file on that workstation.

This process will properly register the PerfectPrint product on your workstation allowing you to Print Screens in CMS without errors.  Click Close when complete.

Windows 7 addition

If you are running windows 7, before opening the PFREG.exe file, right click on it, go to properties and select compatibility tab and set it to run in windows XP

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