CMS System - How to replace a missing icon from an Archive

PROBLEM: The icon for your archived copy of CMS is missing, either due to moving CMS from one computer to another, or problems during the archive process.

SOLUTION: Determine the drive and folder location of the archived system. 

From People Products or Fund Accounting, click File | Utilities | Archive.

Enter the Drive and Folder Name and shortcut name of the missing shortcut.

Click the checkmark at Create an Archive Shortcut Only and click OK.

This will insert on the Windows Desktop an the icon for that Archive folder.

If you are moving the archives from an old computer to a new computer, and are not sure of the drive and folder locations of the archives, click Start | Search | for All Files and Folders and search for USER.DB.  This will show you all of the drive letter and folder names where People Products and Fund Accounting are currently located.

Be exact on the Folder Name, including a space and the word ARCHIVE if present, when entering the folder name on the Archive utility display.

For example, if you have many years of archives, you may need to enter:

  • CMS2004
  • CMS2005

Run the Archive process for People Products (CMSYEAR) in the People Products Systems.  Run the Archive Process for Fund Accounting (FINYEAR) from the Fund Accounting System. 

NOTE:  The icons are slightly different and you will run into an error message if you attempt to create a Fund Accounting Archive icon from the People Products Archive utility, or visa versa.

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