CMS Networking and Installation - Troubleshooting CMS on a Network

Use the following directions to make sure that all of your workstations are pointing consistently for your CMS for Windows. If you have one workstation that is set up incorrectly, it can throw off anyone else who tries to get into CMS at the same time!!

You may want to start off at a workstation that is able to get into CMS without a problem and jot down the settings.  Use the settings from this workstation when comparing the settings at the workstations that are unable to get into CMS.

Go into CMS and click Help | About | More Info.

Next, go back into CMS and click Help | About | More Info and check your Working Directory and Network Directory settings. They should be consistent.

If your Working Directory setting is pointing to your network drive letter, and your Network Directory setting is pointing to your C: drive, you need to correct these settings to be consistent. 

(Not Correct)


Click Start | Programs | CMS for Windows | BDE Configuration | click the word PARADOX on the left and change the NET DIR setting on the right to your network drive letter. Click File | Save | File | Exit.

NOTE: If you get an error message going into the BDE Configuration, you may have another Corel product installed.  Change the Network Directory location by using the BDE Administrator instead.

If you cannot get into CMS on a workstation, you can use the following steps to check your settings:

From your Windows Desktop, right click the CMS for Windows icon and choose Properties and left click. Click the Shortcut tab at the top of the Properties box.

Look at the end of the Target for the "working directory" setting -W. Jot down where your icon is pointing directly after the -W on the icon properties. For example:


Click Close.

Now click Start | Programs | CMS for Windows | BDE Configuration. Click the word Paradox on the left side of the screen. Now look at the right side of the screen for NET DIR. This is your Network Directory. It should be consistent with your icon properties. For Example, the NET DIR may read:


If the NET DIR is pointing to another location, change the NET DIR so that it is consistent with your icon properties.

Now that you know that your network drive letter is Z:, you'll want to make sure that the mapping for your network drive is consistent throughout the network.

Double click My Computer. This will give you a list of all of your drives on your workstation, 3 1/2 floppy A: drive, your C: drive, your CD-ROM drive. It should also list your Z: drive, but with some words before it. For example, yours may read:

Apps on Server (Z:)

You want to be sure each workstation is mapped consistently throughout the network. So it doesn't matter if each workstation use G: or H: or L: or M:, but the words before the drive letter must be the same.

Use the chart below to track each workstation on the network:


Icon Properties Working Directory

BDE Configuration NET DIR

My Computer Drive Mapping

#1 - Sample



Apps on Server (Z:)












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