Z CMS Web Solutions - How can I request a Facility Scheduler?

PROBLEM:  I'd like to add the Facility Scheduler feature to my ParishesOnline.com or ChristianChurchesOnline.com Web Site... how do I do that??

SOLUTION:  ParishSOFT/CMS sets up your list of resources. Complete this form with a list of the resources you need to have added to your website.

Click here to download the Facility Scheduler Request Form


Resources allow you to schedule events using specific rooms or equipment on your facility scheduler. You will want to define several resources based on the needs of your church and school. Be sure to include rooms, equipment, and other resources that can be rented, occupied or otherwise promised

Here are a few examples that may apply: Room 102, Library, Chapel, Training Room, Conference Room A, Church Hall, Church Basement, School Gym, Nursery, Van/Bus

You have the option of displaying the events from your Facility Scheduler on your Main Church Calendar. This is helpful if you want to limit access to the facility scheduler, but allow all church members to view the Main Church Calendar, including resource events. If you would like the Resource events to display on the Main Church Calendar, check the box provided and include an (up to 10 character) Resource abbreviation that will display next to the event.

Room names must be no longer than 25 characters and may not contain spaces (use an underscore _ instead of a space). If you need additional rooms, please complete a second form.


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