CMS People - What fields require a change upon a divorce in CMS?

When you have a divorce in the church, you must make several changes to your database to indicate this information.

From CMS Membership, click Find People and find the family where there was a divorce.  

We will use the Julian and Gerri Jones family as an example.  Julian and Gerri recently divorced, and Julian moved into his own household.  We need to make the necessary changes to their data.

Label Name - Remove the head or spouse that moved out from the label name field.  

When you change the label name, you will be asked if you would also like to change the Statement Name in Contribution, answer Yes.

Salutation - Remove the name of the spouse that moved out from the Salutation to prevent it from printing on any future Letter-Mailer's or Mail Merged Letters. 

Unit Type - If you use this field, you may want to change it from Married Couple or Married Couple with Children to One Adult Household or One Parent Family.

Highlight the one of the spouse's first name and click View Person to view their Events Tab in Membership.

Marital Status - Change the Martial Status of both Spouses to indicate Divorce.

Click the View Household button on the right.


Move - This will transfer all of the member's Membership, Contribution, Attendance and Outreach data from their current household to a new household.

Highlight the member who moved out of the family home and click the View Person button and choose the Person tab.

From the pull down menu at the top of the screen, click Record | Move | To a New Household.

If either member of the household has moved out of the area, transferred to another church, or for one reason or another is no longer a member of your church, you may want to change their Member Status to indicate they are no longer a member.

Member Status - Many denominations must track the number of people who leave the church for varying reasons, including transfer/moved.  Changing the Member Status of the member will help you track that information.

Highlight the first name of the member who transferred/moved and click View Person to view their Person Tab in Membership.

NOTE: Since the Member Status data table is uniquely defined by each church, your codes may be slightly different than the examples given.

You may receive a request to transfer the contribution system information from one spouse to another.

Click the Contribution Link in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Summary to quickly switch to the Remaining Spouse's Contribution System display.

Combine Contributions - This will move all contributions from the Deceased Head/Spouse to the Surviving Head/Spouse.

From the Remaining Spouse's Summary display, on the pull down menu at the top of the screen, click Record | Combine.

Select the name of the Transferred/Moved Head/Spouse from the list and click OK.

Click OK at the confirmation display.

Envelope Number - If your church uses envelope numbers, you'll need to move the envelope number assigned to the transferred/moved head/spouse to the remaining head/spouse.  This will ensure that any future contributions are attributed to the correct spouse, and that they won't get a statement in both names at the end of the year.

From the Contribution System Household screen, click into the Envelope Number field on the Transferred/Moved Spouse and press the Delete Key on your keyboard to remove the envelope number.

Click Find and go to the Remaining Spouse's Household Screen, then click into the Envelope Number field and type in the same envelope number.

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