CMS People - Entering Time and Talent by Activity

The Speed Entry - Activity option allows you to update activity information for a number of persons simultaneously.
  1. Choose Speed Update from the People menu. At the cascading menu, choose Activity. The Backup Confirmation dialog box displays.
  2. Because it is possible to inadvertently change the wrong records with the speed entry process, you should backup records before continuing. If you do not have a current backup of data, click Backup to begin the backup procedures.
  3. The Speed Update – Activity dialog box displays.

  4. Enter an activity code or click the Activity Code look up button to display the Activities dialog box.

  5. Select the activity you wish to update, and then click the Select button. (Alternately, you can double click the activity code.) After selecting an activity code, the Speed Update – Activity dialog box returns.
  6. If all the people you are entering have the same activity status, (i.e. “active”) you can select an activity status by clicking on the Status look up button to display the Activity Status dialog box. (This selection is optional, you don’t have to select a status. If you don’t select a status all participants will be entered with a “blank” activity status.)

  7. Select the activity status you wish to update and click the Select button. (Alternately, you can double click the activity status.) After selecting an activity status, the Speed Update – Activity dialog box returns.
  8. To enter a specific term, (i.e. church council member for one year) you can enter a beginning and/or ending date for the activity. This entry is optional. Remember to enter dates in MMDDYYYY format. Slashes will be inserted after each 2 digits, or when the spacebar is pressed. 
  9. If the person is already assigned that activity code, choose to either Insert a new Activity code with that new Status, or Replace the existing Activity Code with the new Status code.
  10.  Select the people whose records you will update by clicking the Select Names button. The Select Names dialog box displays.

  11. The dialog box consists of a list of all persons in alphabetical order. A check box to the left of the name indicates that the name has been selected.
  12. Select a name and press Enter to select an individual name.
  13. You can jump to last names which begin with a specified letter or letters by clicking on a last name field and typing the letters. For example, type in JO to jump to last names beginning with those letters. Press Esc to stop jumping and/or start another jump.
  14. You can select all names or remove all names by clicking the Add All or Remove All buttons.
  15. Click the OK button to finalize name selections, or click Cancel to return to the Speed Update – Activity dialog box without saving the selections.
  16. Click the Update button to begin the Speed Update process. At the message dialog box, click Yes to continue.
  17. After the update process is complete, the Process Complete dialog box displays. Click OK to return to the main menu.
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