LII Contributions - Statements: How to print a Contribution Statement

How to print a Contribution Statement

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There are so many options when printing Statements, you may want to try several to see which ones meet your needs.

To print a Statement, go into Contributions, Reports, Statements/Letters/Receipts. Click the following link to learn how to send statements through email.

The two main Statement options are the Giving Summary and the History By Date.

Giving Summary: This option will Summarize the donor's giving for each fund. You may enter the date range for which you want to report giving.

History By Date: This option still gives the Summary, but also shows each transaction. You may enter two separate date ranges. Some customers send quarterly statements using the whole year as the date span for the Summary portion and the last quarter's date span for the detailed history. 

Scroll down to see examples of statements.

The following is an example of a Summary Statement. Below that is an example of the History by Date. (1) As you go through the Statement options, one option is to mark Personalized letter text. This was marked for the following statement and the text, Giving Statement for Calendar Year 2017 was entered. The reason (2) Pledge information is on this report is because the setting to include Pledge Information on Reports is marked in File, Preferences, Contributions. In this case, the field title for Pledge is Pledge. You may give it your own title.

File/Preferences/Cotnributions/Report Options




Summary Statement Example

Note: each fund is listed once with the total amount given within the entered date range.




History by Date Example

This example shows the Giving Summary for the whole year and the History by Date for the last quarter which just ended. For this example, Preferences is not marked to show Pledge information on reports.

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