CMS Fund Accounting - How To Make a Salary Increase Retroactive

PROBLEM: You need to make a pay increase for an employee retroactive to a certain date.

SOLUTION: From CMS Payroll, click Enter/Change Employees and find the Employee with the pay increase.

Display the employee's Pay Data tab and change the employee's rate of pay, or pay period amount, to reflect the new pay amount.

Click Close when complete.

Click Enter Timecards and display the employee who will receive a Retroactive Pay Increase.

NOTE: If you had previously entered this employee's timecard at the old rate, click the Reset This Timecard button on the right side to reflect the new, increased rate of pay. 

Enter a new Pay Description called Retroactive Pay and enter the amount of pay that was retroactive.  

For example, Amy received a $1.50 raise retroactive two weeks ago.  $1.50 times 80 hours equals 120.00.

Enter the same Shortcut Number as her regular pay shortcut number.

Continue with payroll as normal.

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