CMS Fund Accounting - After Posting Payroll, The Menu Buttons Did Not Reset

PROBLEM:  After posting Payroll, the menu buttons normally reset themselves to show the progress of the payroll.  But this time, the buttons did not reset.

SOLUTION: From CMS Payroll, click Payroll Summary | Print.  Be sure the payroll actually posted before continuing!

If you see data on the Payroll Summary, the payroll was not posted.  Continue with the steps to post payroll.

If the payroll summary comes up blank, then the payroll was posted and you can continue with the following steps.

Make sure you have a backup of your data before beginning this process.

From CMS, click File | Utilities | File Editor | click OK at the warning message.

Click the Select Table to Edit button and open the REPORTSL.DB table.

You will see a screen with several columns and rows of data.  One of the columns is REPNAME.  Right-click the report ACCOUNTS you see under the REPNAME column and choose the word Filter.

At Filter for REPNAME, type PAYTASKS and click OK.

Click the Edit button at the top of the screen. 

Change the N under Flag1 to a Y (be sure to upper case the Y).  Click Close.

Next, go back into CMS Payroll and click Options | Paygroups.

Change the Posted to Yes, and the Calculated to No in each of your Paygroups.

Click Close.

Now your buttons should appear dark, as you have not begun the new payroll!

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