CMS Fund Accounting - Printing Payroll Checks, Getting Message "There Are No Checks To Pay".

PROBLEM: When trying to print payroll checks in the payroll system, you're getting a message stating "There are no checks to pay".

SOLUTION:  Check the following items to continue printing checks:

STEP 1  Review Payroll Summary - From CMS Payroll, click Payroll Summary | Print.  Verify the payroll has calculated correctly.  If not, recalculate payroll.  

If the Payroll Summary appears in order, go to the next step.

STEP 2  Look for previous check numbers - From CMS Payroll, click Entry | Edit Paychecks. 

NOTE: If the check numbers are already assigned, determine if this is your current payroll or your previous payroll checks that were not previously posted.

If this is your current payroll, click into the check number and press the Delete Key on your keyboard to delete the check numbers from those employees who have check numbers already assigned.  Attempt to print checks again.

If there are no check numbers assigned, go to the next step.

STEP 3  Rebuild PAYGROSS.DB - There may be a corrupted index that need to be rebuilt.  Click File | Utilities | CMS Table Repair | click OK to exit the Payroll system.

Click the Browse button in the upper right corner of the display and select PAYGROSS.DB and click Open.  Click the Rebuild button at the bottom of the screen.

Once complete, click OK | OK | Close.

Try your payroll check printing again.  They should now print properly!

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