CMS Fund Accounting - I Can Still See Last Year's Accumulations on This Year's Payroll Checks.

PROBLEM: Last year's totals are still accumulating on the employees checks in the current year.

SOLUTION: You can run the Recalculate Gross Amounts process to recalculate the employee's gross amounts based on the current settings of deductions and benefits and posted checks.

You can use this utility to recalculate employee gross and deducted amounts after you have made changes to which taxes a deduction or benefit is subject to, if you made changes to an employees gross pay, or if you made changes to an employees accumulated deduction or benefit amount.

Be sure you have a current backup of your system before beginning this process!

From CMS Payroll, click File | Utilities | Recalculate Gross Amounts.

Click Yes to continue.

Click the Finish button to complete the Recalculation process.

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