CMS Fund Accounting - How to Replace a Payroll Check?

PROBLEM: You need to replace a payroll check in CMS, as the check was lost or damaged.

SOLUTION:  The Payroll System updates the Ledger & Payables system with a Journal Entry, and checks are simply placeholders for the Bank Reconciliation.  So, if the check is lost or damaged and the same amount needs to be replaced, you don't need to do anything in Payroll!

From the Ledger & Payables system, lick Entry | Checks - View, Void and Delete | click Find by Check Number and find the original (lost/damaged) check.

Click the Void button on the right side of the display to void this check.

The system will ask you to confirm the Void, answer Yes.

It will then ask if you would like to make a copy of the bill as a new bill, answer YES.

Continue to Void the check as normal.  Close the Checks display.

Click Enter Bills and find the new bill that was automatically created when you voided the lost payroll check.

Set the Invoice Date and Due Date to the day you're re-printing the check.

In the comments section, write a comment that will explain what the check is replacing (for your auditors), such as:

Replaces check #xxxx for the payroll dated x/x/xx.  Payroll check was lost/destroyed/misplaced.  A stop-payment was placed on check #xxxx and the check voided in the general ledger...  However, payroll records will reflect the original check number and date.

Insert a blank check in your printer and click the Print Check button at the top of the Bills display.

Print the check and assign the new check number of the replacement check.

Once complete, click Close and don't forget to run the Calculate Balance Process.

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