CMS People - Letter Mailer vs. Mail Merge... Which to Use?

There are two different ways to create personalized form letters in CMS... Letter/Mailer or Mail Merge.

If you want to create a very simple personalized form letter, changing only the addresses and salutation, the Letter/Mailer is the way to go.

You'll create the body of the letter in Microsoft Word and save it, then using OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), we will go out and "grab" the letter and insert it into CMS, printing the household or person's name, address, and salutation at the top. It's very simple to use, it's attached to the Labels portion of the software.

There aren't a lot of formatting choices and you'll be locked into using a certain font (Times New Roman or Arial, 10 or 12 point).

But creating personalized form letters has never been easier! Click here for complete instructions on the Letter/Mailer.

However, if you want to insert other information into the body of the letter, you may want to go with the Mail Merge.

The Mail Merge is just the opposite of the Letter/Mailer. Where the Letter/Mailer brings your letter from Word into CMS, the Mail Merge takes your data out of CMS and brings it into Word.

In Word, you'll have lots of formatting choices, you can use whatever font or margins you'd like, and you can insert fields of information into the body of your letter!

So if you need a bit more control over the look of your letter, use the full-blow Mail Merge!

Click here for complete step-by-step instructions on the Mail Merge using CMS and Microsoft Word.

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