CMS People - How to use CMS Letter Mailer

The Letter-Mailer provides an easy way to prepare and mail a letter to any group of persons or households in CMS Membership. Prepare your letter using Microsoft Word© version 97 or later. Then, define a label report in CMS to select the desired people. CMS can print the church’s return address, the date of the letter, the recipient’s address, the salutation, and the letter on a single page of paper, letterhead, or on a self-sealing mailer. The letter can be folded and fits into a #9 window envelope.

Prepare the body of your letter in Microsoft Word. NOTE:  This process does NOT work with Corel Word Perfect or the standard Windows Word Pad.

You will be creating only the lower 2/3 of the letter, CMS will insert the upper 1/3 that contains the date, recipient's name and address and salutation.

So as you type the body of the letter, do not leave any room for the date, address and salutation, CMS will take care of that for you!

NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Word 2003 or greater, you may want to leave one blank space before your first paragraph for perfect alignment.

To match the font of the recipient's address, use one of the following fonts:

  • Times New Roman 10 pt
  • Times New Roman 12 pt
  • Arial 10 pt
  • Arial 12 pt

and make note of the font you used, as you will need to know this when you get into CMS.

Click File | Save and make a note of where you saved your letter. You will need to find the letter when you get into CMS.

Once your letter is typed and saved, click File | Exit and completely exit out of Microsoft Word. Remember, if you have your letter opened in the background, we can't link to it.

Open CMS Membership and click Labels/Letter-Mailer, or from CMS Contributions, click Reports | Contributor Labels/Letter-Mailer.

Click the New Report button and give the report a name, or select a set of labels you have already prepared.

Make the selections as to who will receive the Letter, just as you would a set of Labels.

Click the down arrow at Label Format and choose Letter-Mailer.

This will change the display slightly and allow you to click the Browse button in the lower right corner...

you can now go out and find the letter you just typed!

Be sure to set the font for the Recipient's name, address and salutation to match whichever font you used when typing your letter.

If you're printing the letter on Church Letterhead, you can remove the checkmark at Church Name and Address. At that point, you will get top margin control. Change the top margin to accommodate for your letterhead.

NOTE: If you are printing on the Self Sealing Mailers instead of Letterhead, click the checkmark at Postal Permit. Then click the Edit Postal Permit button.

You can enter your Church Postal Permit Information which will print in a box in the upper right corner of the mailer. Click OK when complete.

Click Print.

This will launch the OLE (object linking and embedding) function that will create your letter. Perfect letters ready to sign and mail!

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