CMS People - How do I Get a Label From a List/Checklist That I've Created?

PROBLEM: You have a List/Checklist in your CMS Membership System, but you'd now like that same listing of people in a Label format.

SOLUTION: You can use the Copy Report feature in CMS to copy reports from List/Checklist to Labels to Merge Files and back again!

From CMS Membership, click List/Checklist.

Single left click and just highlight the report you'd like to copy as a Label.

Click the Copy Report button at the bottom of the Select/Create Labels Display.

The system will ask if you're sure you'd like to make a copy of the report, answer Yes.

Give your report a new name, and insert your initials in the Created by field.

Click the dot at List/Checklist (or Merge File) and click OK.

The system will blink at you for a few seconds, and when it stops blinking, it looks like absolutely nothing happened!!

Click Close.

Click List/Checklist and your report should be there waiting for you!

Select the report.

Adjust the Label Format and Label Type as needed.  Click Print.

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