CMS People - How Can I Get a List of Those People Who Don't Have a Birthdate Entered Yet?

PROBLEM: How can I get a list of those people who don't have a birthdate entered yet?

SOLUTION: From CMS Membership, click List/Checklist | New Report | give it a name, such as Members By Birthdate and click OK.

Click the down arrow at Sort/Group Info and choose Person.Birthdate-MDY.


Click the Member Status and Participation Status buttons on the left side of the List Selection Screen and make selections for who you want on the list. For example, you may not want to include those members who have passed away or moved away, so remove the codes for Deceased and Transferred/Moved. Click OK.

This will give you a listing of everyone in your system, sorted by their birthdate, and all those people without a birthdate come first!

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