CMS People - Enhanced Export Utility

CMS People Products and Fund Accounting applications already have the ability to export a report into another applica­tion. However, there are times when our clients need to bring their reports into different or newer versions of some appli­cations. The CMS Enhanced Export Utility will give you a few more options when exporting reports.

Go to the Enhanced Export Utility Download page and follow the instructions to download and install the Enhanced Export Utility.

Once the utility is installed, go into People Products or Fund Accounting and print to screen the report you'd like to export (we're using the Picture Directory in the Membership System as an example).

Click the Export button at the top of the print-to-screen display.

At the Export display, click the down arrow at Format and choose Crystal Reports.  Set the Destination to Disk File.  Click OK.

Click the down arrow at Save In and choose the C:\CMSEnhancedExport folder.  You can change the name of the file if you'd like.  Click Save.

Once the export is complete, close the report on screen.

Click Start | Programs/All Programs | CMS for Windows | CMS Enhanced Export.

At the Choose Report display, double click the report you just exported.

This will display your report on a similar looking print-to-screen display.

Click the Export button at the top of the display.

Click the down arrow at Format and choose the application in which you'd like to edit the report.  You'll notice you have many more application choices, including Acrobat Format (PDF), HTML, Excel, and MS Word. Choose the Destination Disk File and click OK.

Click the down arrow at Save In and choose the final destination where you would like this report saved, i.e. Desktop or My Documents.  Change the name if you'd like and click Save.

Now exit out of the Enhanced Export Utility.  

Go to the location where you saved the file (i.e. Desktop, or My Documents), and double click the report icon....

and it will open in the application in which you exported to, allowing you to edit the report.

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