CMS People - Directory Doesn't Update Or No One Prints At All

PROBLEM:  In printing a Directory, the directory isn't updating changed names/addresses or no one is selected to print on directory. Or, you may even receive a message stating there is a missing household for an individual.

SOLUTION:  If you've recently changed or added some new families to the database, but don't see them on your directory, you'll want to start by checking the new/changed families record, and then compare it to the selections you've made on the directory.

Start by Finding the new/changed family that is not displaying on the directory.

The directory is sorted by the Household Surname.  Make sure this family's surname is entered properly.

Normally, the DIR NAME (Directory Name) field is left blank and the system will properly calculate out what should appear on the directory.  However, you can over-ride the system and enter in how you want the name on the directory to appear.

You'll want to be sure you enter the directory name in the correct format, which is Last Name, Head First Name and Spouse First Name.


DO NOT enter the Directory Name with the First Names first, or the family will print in the wrong place alphabetically on the directory.


Next, make sure the family isn't marked for Removal, which is normally not the default selection on the Directory.  The Household Record Status should be blank or Changed.

Next, jot down the Member Status and Participation Status of each family member.

And compare those Member Status/Participation Status codes with the codes you're selecting on the directory.  In this example, Jerome and the kids would print, but Judy would be excluded as she's coded as a Non-Member Spouse on her record, and that code is not being selected to print on the directory.

You can either change the code for the member, or add the code on your directory.

If you've checked all of the data entry fields and they look just fine, it may be a problem in your database tables.  Follow the steps below to rebuild the tables for the Directory.

From CMS for Windows, click File | Utilities | CMS Table Repair.

On the Table Repair Utility Screen, click Browse in the upper right corner. Find the table PERSON.DB and click Open.

Jot down the Number of Records, located about half way down the left side of the screen. You'll need that number in a few seconds.

Click the Verify Button at the bottom of the screen. It will come back with either "Table and Header Verify Okay" or "Table Requires a Rebuild". Jot down this message and click OK.

Click the Rebuild Button at the bottom of the screen. When complete, it will come back with a Number of Records Successfully Recovered. That number should match the number you jotted down previously. Click OK | OK.

Repeat these steps with the following tables:


Now with the last table, at the bottom of the Browse button, you'll see Alias : WORK. Click the little down arrow next to WORK and choose PRIV. 

Now find the table AVAIL1.DB and continue with the steps to rebuild it.  Repeat with the remaining PRIV tables.

Once complete, click Close

Click File | Utilities | CMS File Fix | Process

Once that's complete, print your directory again and see if your changes are now updating.

...still isn't working?

Check first and last names in Name Range for weird names or characters in Name. 

Correct name in database and try directory again.

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