CMS People - Birthday Events Report is Giving a General Protection Violation Error Message

PROBLEM: When printing the Birthday Report for a specific month, the system is giving a General Protection Violation error message.

SOLUTION: There may be an invalid birthdate entered in your system. Here's how you can find that invalid date.

From CMS Membership, click Household Persons and click the Browse button at the top of the display.

Scroll down and find PERSON.BIRTH DATE and click OK.

This will display everyone in your database sorted by birthdate. Those people without a birthdate (blank) will come first. Scroll down and find the first few and last few birth dates. If you find an invalid birthdate, double click the birthdate and correct it.

NOTE: The year 1000 (not 0000) is the year of birth you can use to track the month and date, but not the year of birth.

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