CMS People - How Can I Create Labels Of a Different Size Than What CMS Offers?

PROBLEM: You'd like to create shipping labels for your members, but the labels you have are not one of the Avery labels provided by CMS.

SOLUTION:  You can use your CMS and Microsoft Word to perform a Mail Merge to create those different size labels.

From CMS Membership, click Process | Merge/Export File | New Report | give it a name, such as Data for Shipping Labels and click OK.

From the Merge File Selection Screen, click the Member/Participation Status buttons and select those people whom you would like to include in this set of labels.  For example, you may not want to include those people marked as Deceased or Transferred/Moved.  Click OK.

Make any other selections as you would a set of labels (Activities, Classes, etc.).

Check the box in the lower right corner at Field Names in First Record.

If you have a lot of "Snowbirds", you may also want to check the box at Use Alternate Addresses if in Effect.

Click the Browse button and enter the correct file name and location if you would like to change the file location of the data.

If burning the data to a CD-R/CD-RW, click the Browse button and save the file to the Windows Desktop.  Then using your CD writing application to burn the file to a CD.You may also choose to click the View File button on the right side of the screen to print up the information included in the file.

You may also choose to click the View File button on the right side of the screen to print up the information included in the file.


Click the Output File button on the right side of the screen.

Once complete, exit out of CMS and open Microsoft Word.

You can access Microsoft's step-by-step instructions Word Mail Merge: A Walk Through the Process by clicking here.

From a new blank document, click Tools | Letters and Mailings | Mail Merge.

A mail merge helper screen should display on the side of the screen.  

At Step 1 of 6, Select Document Type, choose Labels and click the Next link in the lower portion of the display.

At Step 2 of 6, Select Starting Document, choose Change Document Layout and click the Label Options link.

Select the correct style of labels you are attempting to print.  Our example will use the Avery 5163 - 2" x 4" labels that are 2 columns and 5 rows.

Click Next.

At Step 3 of 6, Select Recipients, choose Use an Existing List and click the Browse link.

This is where you'll need to refer to the File Destination from your CMS Merge/Export File.  You'll need to find where your data is located. In our example, the File Destination was C:\CMS4WIN\CMSHH.CSV.

Click the down arrow at Look In: [My Data Sources] and select the C: drive or network drive letter and select the CMS4WIN folder.


Click the down arrow at Files of Type and choose Text Files.

Select the CMSHH.TXT file (or whatever file name you may have used if you redirected/renamed the export file).

From the Mail Merge Recipients listing display, click OK.

Click Next.

At Step 4 of 6, Arrange You Labels, click the Address Block link.

Click the Match Fields button in the lower left corner of the Insert Address Block display.

Microsoft Word does not have a Label Name concept.  So if you chose a Household Merge, to produce one label per family, you will need to match the following fields.

  • Click the down arrow at First Name and choose Label Name.
  • Click the down arrow at Company and choose Special Address
  • Click the down arrow at Address 1 and choose Delivery Address.

Click OK | OK.

If you would like to change the font size, select the Address Block in the first label in the first column, first row, and right-click | choose Font and select the font you'd like.  Click OK when complete.

If you would like to Center Align the labels, right click Address Block and choose Paragraph | Center Alignment | click OK when complete.

Click the Update All Labels button to carry your changes forward to all the labels.

Click Next.

At Step 5 of 6, Preview Your Labels, take a look at the labels to be sure the names and addresses look just how you'll want them to appear on the label.

If there is something you would like to change, click the Previous link to make any necessary changes.

If the labels look good, click File | Save and give the labels a name, for example, Pre Merged Shipping Labels and click Save.  You'll then be able to re-use these labels in the future!

Click Next.

At Step 6 of 6, click the Edit Individual Labels link and Word will now merge the data onto the shipping labels.

Preview the completed merge to ensure all names and addresses fit properly on the label.  If not, you can make changes as needed.

Load your printer with labels, then click File | Print and print your labels!

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