CNFS Save and/or Print features not working when using Microsoft Edge

When using Microsoft Edge as your browser save and print features are not working



Clicking on the "save" or "save and edit" or some variation thereof and the information does not actually save.


Clicking on a report's "Print this page", "Print 1st page", or "Print (all)" and the print job never comes to the printer.



Since you are using Miscrosoft Edge which is not a supported web browser for our site, neither of these features are likely to work. 

* Clicking the save button in Edge does not always send a message to our site to save the information.

* Clicking on the print option in Edge will only print if a website has been designed to send print jobs to a new browser tab in a PDF format and then Edge will allow you to to print from that tab.  Other websites will be blocked from printing.

The solution to this issue is to use another browser. 

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