CMS Contributions - How to Export from Online Giving and Import Into CMS Contribution

Contribution Bridge Import/Export Utility

If your church has licensed Online Giving, you will also be licensed for ParishSOFT’s Contribution Bridge. Contribution Bridge is an import/export utility that lets you electronically transfer postings from the Online Giving system to another application, like CMS’s Contributions module. Contribution Bridge will save you hours of posting time compared with the traditional, manual posting process, where you enter one transaction at a time.

Overview of the Process

The export and import process requires the following steps, completed in the order shown:
1. Verify Your Envelope Numbers.
2. Assign Your Fund Numbers.
3. Run Pledge Report and Enter Any Pledges in Offering & Pledges Module.
4. Export Postings from Online Giving.
5. Import Postings from Online Giving into CMS Contributions.

Step 1: Verify Your Envelope Numbers

Before you can export your contributions from the Online Giving system, each of your givers must have a unique, verified envelope number.

To verify envelope numbers, click the View Online Givers link on your Online Giving website’s home page. Use this link to manage, verify and “lock” your givers’ envelope numbers. Once an envelope number is marked as verified, the giver will not be allowed to change it. When you repeat this process for subsequent exports, only the “non-verified” envelope numbers will require verification.

1. From your main Online Giving menu, click the link View Online Givers. Audit the envelope numbers for each giver shown in the list view.
2. To verify an envelope # or to make a change, click Edit .
3. If the Env # is correct, check the Verified box. If the Env # is not correct, edit it as needed and check the Verified box.
4. Click Save.
5. Repeat steps 2–4 until all givers are marked “Verified.” Use the page number links at the bottom-left of the screen to page through your entire list of givers.
6. When all boxes items are verified, proceed to Step 2: Assign Your Fund Numbers, on the following page. Verified envelope numbers may be edited using the Edit icon.

Step 2: Assign Your Fund Numbers

Before you can export your contributions from the Online Giving system, each fund must be assigned a Fund # in the Online Giving system. The Fund # is the same as the “Fund Number,” and we can find this number in the CMS Contribution System. This step is required to ensure that transactions that you export from Online Giving are posted to the proper funds in the CMS Contribution module.

Complete the following steps to assign fund numbers.

1. Click Reports | Tables | Fund Names | Print in the CMS Contribution System print a list of your funds.
2. In the Online Giving system, click Manage Church Funds.
3. Click on the desired fund name to select it.
5. Enter the Fund # to match the Fund Number as it is listed in the CMS Contribution System.
6. Click the Submit button to save, and close the Manage Church Funds screen.

Step 3: Run Pledge Report and Enter Any Pledges in Offering & Pledges Module

At this time, the Online Giving System exports only contributions—not pledges. If your Online Giving system contains pledges, you will need to enter them manually into the CMS Contribution System before you complete the Export/Import functions; otherwise, contributions to those pledges cannot be matched properly during the import.

The Online Giving system’s Pledge Report provides you with an accurate list of any pledges from your online givers—use this report for your data entry. Run the Pledge Report using the following procedure.

1. In your Online Giving system’s Manage My Church page, click View Giving Reports.
2. Select the report entitled: New or Updated Pledge Report.
3. Click on Select all Funds.
4. Click into the Date Range lookup fields and specify beginning and ending dates for your report.
5. Click the button labeled Click Here to View Report. A print preview of your report will display any transactions that you need to post in Offering & Pledges.
    a. If your report iblank, no pledges have been entered for your selected funds and date range.
    b. If your report shows pledge information, enter the pledges in the CMS Contribution System.

Step 4: Export Postings from Online Giving

Use the following procedure to export contributions from the Online Giving system to a .csv file that you can import into the CMS Contribution System.

1. From your main Online Giving menu (i.e., the Manage My Church page), click the link Export Contributions.
2. Select the Church Management Solutions (CMS) export process.
3. Select one or more funds from the list.
4. Click the calendar icons to set a date range for your export.
5. The Only export contributions not yet exported box will be checked by default and should remain checked for most exports. This is a safeguard designed to prevent inadvertent duplicate postings in your CMS Contribution System. If you wish to include contributions that have previously been exported in your .csv file, uncheck the box—this would be appropriate if you exported a .csv file but it was never imported into CMS Contribution.
6. Click Begin Export.
7. To download your exported .csv file, click the link Export File Successfully Created. Click here to Download. Save your .csv to the desired location.
8. Proceed to Step 5: Import Postings from Online Giving into CMS Contribution System to import contributions into your Offering & Pledges program using your .csv file.

Step 5: Import Postings from Online Giving into Contributions Module

Use this procedure to import a .csv file containing your Online Giving contributions directly into the CMS Contribution System.

During the import process, pledges will post electronically, and you will not need to manually post any contributions made by givers using the Online Giving system.
1. From CMS Contribution System, click Process > Import Electronic Contributions.
2. Click the Browse button and locate the .CSV file you saved in Step 4.
3. Enter the Batch Date, Description and Entry By initials.
4. Click the Setup Data Fields button.
    a.  Click the down arrow at Field #1 and choose Fund Number.
    b.  Click the down arrow at Field #2 and choose Envelope Number.
        c.  Click the down arrow at Field #3 and choose Contribution Amount.
    d.  Click the checkbox at First row of data contains field names.
    e.  Click OK.    

5. Click the Import button.
6. Print the Contribution Batch Edit List and review the data.
7. Post the batch.

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