CMS Contribution - Where's the beep? System Used to Beep When a Contributor Was Displayed Twice in the Same Batch

PROBLEM:  The system used to beep when a contributor was displayed twice in the same batch and now it doesn't!  That beep was so handy, it made me look up at the contribution entry screen if there was a problem.

SOLUTION: First thing's first, make sure you can hear anything coming out of your computer!  Make sure your speakers are plugged in and turned on/up.

Once you're sure that your computer's audio devices are working properly, click Start | Control Panel | Sound and Audio Devices.

Click the Sounds tab.

The Contribution Entry "Beep" is using the sound associated with the Asterisk.  Under Program Events, look at the Asterisk item.  

Click the down arrow at Sounds and select the sound you want to hear when there's a duplicate contributor during Contribution Entry.  

Click the Sound Preview/Test button to preview the sound.  

When you've found one that will catch your attention (but not make you jump in your chair!) click Apply | OK.

Now when you're entering Contributions and a duplicate contributor displays, you will definitely "look up"!

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