CMS Contribution - How to Transfer Contributions into CMS Ledger & Payables

There are a few preliminary steps you must take to utilize the transfer process from posting contributions in the CMS Contribution System to importing those posted batches as deposits in the CMS Fund Accounting system.

From CMS for Window Contribution System, click Options | Fund Setup. Enter the correct account link in the Account Link column next to each corresponding fund. The Account Link is the three digit shortcut number associated with the income account in the Fund Accounting system (basically, where do you want the contributions to go when it comes into Finance?). Once all account links are entered, click the Close button.

Click Options | Define Entry Defaults. In the lower left corner of the screen, enter the Bank Account number in the Bank Account field. The Bank Account number is the three digit shortcut number associated with the main bank account in the Fund Accounting System. Once complete, click Close. This will set the Bank Account number for any New Batch you create in the future.


If you have unposted batches entered, click Process | Enter Contributions. On the Select Batch screen, single left click each batch, then click the Set Defaults button on the right side of the screen. You will need to enter the Bank Account number on each batch you've started prior to this process. Once complete, click Close. Repeat for any other unposted batch of contributions. Once all unposted batches are updated, click Cancel at the Select Batch screen.

Your setup on the Contribution side is complete. You just need to post your batches of contributions as normal.

From the CMS for Windows Finance and Payables System, click Process | Contribution Transfer | from CMS Contribution.

The first time you use this process, you will need to establish the location of your CMS for Windows Contribution System transfer.db file.

Click the Browse button located in the upper right portion of the screen.


Click the down arrow at Look In and find the drive letter where your CMS Contribution system is located. If you are on a network, you may need to look at your mapped network drive letter. If you are not on a network, you will look on your C: drive.

Double click the \CMS4WIN folder.

Scroll across this list of file names and select TRANSFER.DB and click OK.

You should now be able to see any batches of contributions posted from the Contribution System. Click the checkbox next to each batch number that you would like to import as a Deposit.

Click the Transfer button to complete the transfer.

The next time you would like to make the transfer, you will simply need to check the batches you wish to import and click the Transfer button.

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