CMS Contribution - How To Enter a Prepayment For Next Year?

PROBLEM:  You have a contributor who wants has given you a contribution for this year to pay down next year's pledge.

SOLUTION: From CMS Contribution, click Enter Contributions and either Create a New Batch or Highlight an Existing Batch from the date the gift was made.

Click the Set Defaults button on the right side of the display.

Set the Entry Table Display to Display Pledge & YTD Contributions.  Click OK | OK.

On the Contribution Entry display, find the contributor who made the prepayment.

Go to the fund that has the following year's pledge and enter the dollar amount of the contribution.

NOTE:  DO NOT enter the pledge in a separate fund called Prepayments.  The prepayment will not automatically carry over at End of Year.

Click the Prepay checkmark on the right column of the display to flag this contribution as a prepayment.

Print the Edit List and Post the Batch as normal.

When you print the contributor's statement, the amount of the prepayment will display as a current year contribution, but the amount will be used to pay down the balance of the pledge for the following year.

After you run End of Year, the system will use the Prepayment when calculating the balance of the contributor's pledge.

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