CMS Contribution - Contribution Batch is Not Showing Up in Ledger & Payables Transfer Process

PROBLEM:  The contribution batch that I just posted is not showing up on my transfer information on Ledger & Payables.

SOLUTION:  This could be caused by a few things:

From CMS Contribution, click Enter Contributions. Does this take you to a Select Batch display or a New Batch Display?

  • If it takes you to a New Batch display, then there are no contributions waiting to be posted.
  • If it takes you to a Select Batch display, look over the list of contributions and verify that the batch that you’re looking for has actually been posted. If the batch is not available for transfer until you click the Post Contributions button and post that batch.

Next, click Options | Fund Setup. Look over your list of funds and verify that each and every fund listed has an Account Link in the far right column. The Account Link is the shortcut number of the Income or Dedicated Account Type where the funds will be transferred (Credited) on the Ledger & Payables System.

Also, verify that the Bank Account number is inserted in the Set Defaults for that batch (Enter Contributions | Highlight batch number and click Set Defaults). This is determining which Asset/Bank Account the funds will be deposited into (Debited) on the Ledger System.

If you’re missing just one account link, or if you’re missing the bank account information, you will get a message when you post “There is a fund with a missing Account Link. The Transfer of the selected batches cannot be performed until all funds have an account link. Continue posting without transfer information?” If you click Yes, you will post the batch but the batches WILL NOT transfer in to the Ledger System.

NOTE: You can review your Contribution Batch Edit List Fund Totals report to confirm that all funds had an associated account link.

Next, click Help | About | More Info and jot down the working Directory setting. This is where your CMS System is physically installed on your computer/network.

Now come into the CMS Ledger & Payables System, click Process | Contribution Transfer | From CMS Contribution System. Make sure the Transfer Contributions From is pointing to the same Working Directory from your CMS Contribution System Working Directory and selecting the TRANSFER.DB file.


If you’ve verified that the batch was indeed posted, that there were no missing account link/bank account numbers, and that the Ledger & Payables system is correctly pointing to your Contribution System Transfer.DB table, you may need to rebuild some tables.

From CMS for Windows, click File | Utilities | CMS Table Repair.

On the Table Repair Utility Screen, click Browse in the upper right corner. Find the table TRANSFER.DB and click Open.

Jot down the Number of Records, located about half way down the left side of the screen. You'll need that number in a few seconds.

Click the Verify Button at the bottom of the screen. It will come back with either "Table and Header Verify Okay" or "Table Requires a Rebuild". Jot down this message and click OK.

Click the Rebuild Button at the bottom of the screen. When complete, it will come back with a Number of Records Successfully Recovered. That number should match the number you jotted down previously. Click OK | OK.

Repeat these steps with the following tables:


    Now with the last tables, at the bottom of the Browse button, you'll see Alias : WORK. Click the little down arrow next to WORK and choose PRIV. Now find the table AVAILBAT.DB and continue with the steps to rebuild it.

    Repeat with the remaining two.

    NOTE:  You will need to manually enter the missing batch in the Enter Deposits display of the Ledger & Payables System.

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