CMS Contributions - Combining Contributions

Combine Contributions

Combining contributions lets you combine one contributor’s YTD pledge and contributions with another contributor’s data.

Run Combine contributions when you want to:

  • Move contributions from a deceased contributor to the surviving spouse
  • All money was incorrectly posted to a non-contributor and you want to move it to the correct contributor
  • A duplicate contributor record was created and you want to move all contributions to one record and delete the duplicate

Use the following steps to combine contributions:

  1. Display the record (Summary Screen) of the person receiving the contributions (i.e. surviving spouse)
  2. Click Record | Combine
  3. Select the name of the person whose records are to be combined (i.e. deceased contributor) and click OK
  4. The system will ask you to verify the combining process. Click OK to complete the process or No to abort the process

The combine process does not delete or move the envelope number. If the situation calls for the envelope number to be moved, you can do that now.

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