CMS Contributions - Deleting a Pledge From a Non-Pledgable Fund

PROBLEM:  There is a pledge in a Non-Pledgable Fund and it cannot be deleted.

SOLUTION:  From CMS Contribution, click Options | Fund Setup.

Click the down arrow at Type next to that Special/Major Fund and choose Pledgable.  Click Close.  

You will be requested to verify that you wanted to change the fund to a Pledgeable fund.  Answer Yes.

Click Find People.  Click the Go To Person button at the top of the Find screen and choose the Pledge Tab.  Now find the contributor with the incorrect pledge.

The system will take you directly to that contributor's Pledge Tab.  Click the up arrow at Fund and choose the fund to which the contributor had the incorrect pledge.

Click the Clear Pledge button in the lower left corner of the screen and answer Yes to clear that pledge.

Once that pledge has been cleared out. Click Options | Fund Setup and change the type back to Special/Major for that fund.  Click Close.

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