CMS Contributions - Bannon Quarterly Reminder Letter Instructions

For the CMS churches working with the Bannon Associates, Inc. on their Pledge Drive/Fundraising campaigns, you will send out reminder letters to pledgers.

This letter should be sent when three full months have passed since new giving began (usually at the end of March). The parishioners' financial commitments for the past 13 weeks (one quarter) and their actual contributions will be included in the letter.  

This letter should be repeated in three months (end of June), and six months (end of September).  Since you will repeat the program next fall, there is no need to send a reminder next year in December, since the people will be renewing their commitments at that time.

Install Bannon Quarterly Update

If you have not previously done so, follow these instructions to install the Bannon Quarterly Pledge Letter Word document templates and insert the Bannon Quarterly Merge/Export File process in your CMS System.   

NOTE: This update needs to be completed only once.

From CMS People Products, click File | Update | click the FTP Update and in the Source Folder, type:


Click OK and follow the instructions on screen to connect to the internet.

Select your General Offertory Fund.  This will customize your Pledge Letters to the General Offertory Fund. 

This update will also verify that the Fund you've selected as the Offertory Fund is Pledgeable and will make that fund Pledgeable if currently set to Major or Special. 

Click Install.

Click OK when complete.

Run BannanCalc Update

Enter and post all contributions for the three month period that the Quarterly Bannon Letters will encompass.

You must run this update just prior to preparing your letters each quarter.

From CMS People Products, click File | Update | click the FTP Update and in the Source Folder, type:


Click OK and follow the instructions on screen to connect to the internet.

Enter the three month date range for the Bannon Quarterly Reminder letters. i.e. 01/01/2007 To: 03/31/2007.

Click Calculate.

Click OK when complete.

Prepare Data File

From the CMS Contribution System click Process | Merge/Export File.

There will be a new Merge/Export file processes created by Update, called 

  • Bannon Quarterly Letter Export

Choose the Bannon Quarterly Letter Export.  Click Select.

Click the Output File Button located on the right side of the display.

When complete, click Close.

Print Letters

Exit CMS and open Microsoft Word.

Click File | Open | click the down arrow at Look In and go to your Local Disk C: drive. 

Double click the BANNON folder.

Select the file and click Open.

NOTE:  If you have a large Spanish Speaking population, there is also a Spanish version of this letter in file.

Microsoft Word will ask if you want to run the following SQL command, answer Yes.

From the pull down menu at the top of the screen, click Tools | Letters & Mailings | Mail Merge.  You should now have a Mail Merge Helper display on the right side of your screen.

Click File | Page Setup and make any necessary adjustments to top and left margins to accommodate for your letterhead.


There is a place holder on the letter for you to fill in the name and phone number of the person to call if the pledge information is not correct.  Replace the underscores with the correct information now. 

You will also need to correct the author's name at the bottom of the letter, and remove the NOTE: (in blue text) located at the bottom of the letter.

Once those changes are complete, click the Next link until you get to Step 6 of 6 to Complete The Merge.  Click the Print link to send the letters directly to your printer.

Produce Labels

You can print up labels for those people receiving a letter from the CMS Contribution System.  Click Reports | Contributor Labels/Letter-Mailer and choose the Bannon Quarterly Labels, click Select.

The only change you may need to make would be the Label Format.  The default label format is the Avery 5160 laser labels.  If you are printing to a different label format, or directly on the envelope, make that change.

Click Print.

This will give you one label per person who will receive the Bannon Quarterly  Letter.

Produce Lists

To produce a simple list of those people who pledged to the Offertory Fund who will receive a letter, click Reports | Custom List and choose the Bannon Quarterly List, click Select.

This report will display the Drive to Date Pledge and Drive to Date Contributions for those people who have made a pledge to the Offertory fund.


Reset System

Once the letters, labels and lists have been produced for the quarter, you must reset your system.

From CMS Contribution, click Process | Calculate Pledge Balances/Set Statement Date.

Enter the last date of the quarter and click Calculate.

Once complete, your system has been reset.


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