CMS Contributions - Contributor Statement - PE Output to Window Failed

PROBLEM:  When printing Contributor Statements, a series of error message displays 

  • PE OutputtoWindow Failed 
  • PESetSelectionFormula Failed 
  • PEStartPrintJob Failed, errorcode = 501

SOLUTION: The report for that Contributor Statement is either missing or corrupted.

You can copy the statement report files from your Archived copy of CMS. 

From your CMS Contribution System menu, click Help | About | More Info and jot down your Working Directory setting.  This is where your CMS is physically located on your network/computer.  Click Close | Close and exit out of your current year CMS.

Next, open your archived copy of CMS and click Help | About | More Info and jot down the working directory setting.  This is where we'll copy the reports from.  Click Close | Close and exit out of the archive.

Go to My Computer and go to the drive and folder of your archived copy of CMS, i.e. C:\CMS2006 and select and click Edit | Copy To Folder the following files.


Copy them to the Drive and Folder where your current year CMS is located, i.e. C:\CMS4WIN.  When asking if you want to replace the existing files, answer Yes to All.

Once complete, come back into CMS and your Contributor Statements should now print without errors!

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