CMS Contributions - Wrong Default Attendance Code when Entering Attendance

When entering attendance for a group, the wrong default attendance code appeared.

Click Process | Delete Prior Attendance | (make sure you have a recent backup) click Continue | click into Groups button and select just the group you're working with.  

In both the From: and To: fields for Delete Attendance for Dates, type in the date that the wrong attendance code appeared. 

Click Delete. Yes, you're sure.

Once that date has been cleared out, click Process | Groups | select the group you're working with and click the Preferences button on the far right side of the screen. 

Click the up arrow at Default Attendance and select the correct default attendance code (i.e. Absent). Click OK | OK.

Now click Process | Enter/Edit Attendance | select the correct Attendance Group | right click the Attendance Date field and select the date off the calendar and click Select. Now the default attendance should now be set correctly!

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