CMS Contributions - I Accidentally Posted Attendance to The Wrong Date!

PROBLEM:  You just realized you accidentally posted Attendance to the wrong date!

SOLUTION:  You can still recover that data without re-entering!  Here's how...

Make a backup of your data before beginning this process.

Before we begin, we must make sure there is no Attendance already posted to the date that should have been used!  Otherwise, you will run into problems.

In our example, we should have posted attendance for 6/1/2008, but accidentally used the date 5/1/2009.

From CMS Attendance, click Process | Delete Prior Attendance | Continue.

Click the Groups button and select ONLY the group that had the incorrect date posted.  Click OK.


Click into the Delete Attendance for Dates and enter the date that SHOULD have been used for posting, but was not used.  Again, in our example, we'll use the dates 6/1/08 through 6/1/08.  Click Delete. 

Prior to correcting the data, we must Rebuild the ATDETAIL.DB table.

From CMS for Windows, click File | Utilities | CMS Table Repair.

On the Table Repair Utility Screen, click Browse in the upper right corner. Find the table ATDETAIL.DB and click Open.

Jot down the Number of Records, located about half way down the left side of the screen. You'll need that number in a few seconds.

Click the Verify Button at the bottom of the screen. It will come back with either "Table and Header Verify Okay" or "Table Requires a Rebuild". Jot down this message and click OK.

Click the Rebuild Button at the bottom of the screen. When complete, it will come back with a Number of Records Successfully Recovered. That number should match the number you jotted down previously. Click OK | OK | Close.

Next click File | Utilities | CMS File Editor | click Yes | OK.

At the CMS File Editor display, click Select Table To Edit and open ATDETAIL.DB.

With your mouse, right click the first row of data under the column header Group Code and choose Filter.

At Filter for Group Code, type in the Group Code that had the erroneous date entered.  For example, the Worship Group code is WOR.

Now the only group code you'll see is the one that requires editing!  Click the Edit button at the top of the display.

Click the Locate and Replace button at the top of the display.  

In the Value field, type that incorrect date that was used when posting, i.e. 5/1/08.

In the Replace with field, type the correct date that SHOULD have been used when posting, i.e. 6/1/08.  Click OK.

At the Found a Match display, click the third dot down at Change ALL Occurrences and click OK.

The system will replace all instances of the incorrect date with the correct date!

When it stops, it's done and you can click Close!

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